​​​​​Contact and staff

District secretary: Anna Rasmussen​, Capalaba State College

  • Telephone: (07) 3823 9111
  • Postal address: PO Box 27, CAPALABA QLD 4157

District chair: Cath Pfingst, Wynnum State High School

District treasurer: Ashleigh Neville, Wynnum State High School

Convenors and dates

10–12 Years

Sport and groupConvenorSchoolDistrict trial date
Australian football boysJosh Martin

Craig Malone
Capalaba State College
Victoria Point SHS
14 February 2023
Australian football girlsJames Moonie

Molly Pyke
Wellington Point SHS
Victoria Point SHS
15 February 2023
Baseball 12-14yrsPaul Cherry
 Alexandra Hills SHS
Individual Noms
Basketball boysGlen Edwards

Teal Weller
Wellington Point SHS
Victoria Point SS
13 February 2023
Basketball girlsJudy Lane
lair Doevendens
Sheldon College
Cleveland District SHS
13 February 2023
Cricket boysNeville Gooding
Yvette Butterworth
Coolnwynpin SS
Birkdale South SS
2 February 2023
Cricket girlsJess Hancock
Matthew Randall
St Mary McKillop
Birkdale SS
Individual Noms due 6 February
Cross countryKellie MulcahyWellington Point SHS 4 May 2023
Football boysMichael Carolan

Chad Wooding
Capalaba State College
Redlands College
27 April 2023
Football girlsCaitlin Wilesmith
Cleveland SS
8 May 2023
GolfAndrew Cowden
Wynnum SHSIndividual Noms​
Hockey boysLiam Christensen
Redland Bay SS
Individual Noms
due 27 March
Hockey girlsTeale Weller
Victoria Point SS
Individual Noms
due 27 March
Netball 11 yearsJacinta Cross
Jessica Smith
Sheldon College
St John Vianney's
2 March 2023
Netball 12 yearsHannah Noh
Jessica Mawn
Gumdale SS
Gumdale SS
2 March 2023
Rugby league         11 years boysAnthony Piacere
Liam Christensen
St John Vianney's
Redland Bay SS
21 & 23 February 2023
Rugby league           12 years boysTim Wolens
Craig Horsfall
Hilliard SS
Hilliard SS
20-22 March 2023
Rugby league            11-12 years girlsMatthew RandallBirkdale SS
Individual Noms
Rugby union           11-12 yearsAnthony Piacere
Lachlan McNaughton
St John Vianney's
Carmel College
29 March 2023
Softball boysTeale McKell

Hannah Allinson
Cleveland District SHS
Cleveland District SHS
18 May 2023
Softball girlsNorelle Thomas
Steve O'Carroll
Bay View SS
Faith Lutheran College
25 May 2023
SwimmingDavid SavageSheldon College16 February 2023
Tennis boys
Dave SavageSheldon College

29 May 2023

Tennis girlsDave SavageSheldon College5 June 2023
Touch football boysRhiannon Moreton
Arthur Hanley
Victoria Point SS
Ormiston SS
1 March 2023
Touch football girlsRyan Bennett
Caitlin Wilesmith
Bay View SS
Cleveland SS
1 March 2023
Track and field

Aaron Tuni

Thornlands SS​

3 & 4 August 2023

Note: 12 year-old students enrolled at any of the secondary Bayside district schools (see column on the right) will trial with Bayside 10 - 12 yrs district for places in 10 - 12yrs teams.

13–19 Years

SportConvenorSchoolDistrict trial date
Australian football 13–15yrs boysTom MarshallVictoria Point SHS
7​ February 2023
Australian football 13–15yrs girlsTBAIndividual Noms
Baseball 15–18yrsPaul Cherry
Alexandra Hills SHSIndividual Noms
Baseball 12–14yrsPaul CherryAlexandra Hills SHSIndividual Noms

Basketball 17-19yrs boys

Craig BowdenCapalaba State CollegeIndividual Noms
Basketball 17–19yrs girlsBlake Stockton
Faith Lutheran College
Individual Noms
Basketball 13–16yrs boysNathan Powell
Alexandra Hills SHS
9 February 2023
Basketball 13–16yrs girlsWardah JakupovicOrmiston SS9 February 2023
Cricket 16–19yrs boysN/A

Individual Noms
​Cricket 16-19yrs girls
​Individual Noms
Cricket 13–15yrs boysAndrew Diete
Wellington Point SHS
31 August 2023
Cricket 13–15yrs girlsNatalie Falvey
Carmel CollegeIndividual Noms
Cross country 10-19yrsKellie MulcahyWellington Point SHS4 May 2023
Football 17–19yrs boysGarrett McDuling
Cleveland District SHS8 February 2023
Football 16–19yrs girlsJames PiercyCleveland District SHS
8 February 2023
Football 13–16yrs boysWill Sunerton
Wellington Point SHS10 February 2023
Football 13–15yrs girlsDaniel SimpsonRedlands College
10 February 2023
Futsal 13-14yrs boysNatalie Falvey
Carmel College
10 August 2023
Futsal 13-14yrs girlsPat Solano
Wynnum SHS
10 August 2023
Golf 10-19yrsAndrew Cowden
Wynnum SHSIndividual Noms
Hockey boysTBD

Hockey girlsCath Pfingst
Wynnum SHS
Individual Noms
Netball 16–19yrs GirlsRylie HollandCarmel College6 February  2023
Netball 13–15yrs GirlsAlicia TonerBrisbane Bayside State College6 February 2023
Rugby league 16–18yrs boysKevin Neighbour
Alexandra Hills SHS
Individual Noms
Rugby league 16–18yrs girlsMar Grainger
Redlands College
Individual Noms
Rugby league 14–15yrs boysNeil FeatherCarmel College
22​ February 2023
Rugby league 14–15yrs girlsChetan DesaiWynnum SHSIndividual Noms
Rugby 7s 15–16yrs  girlsIndividual Noms
​Rugby 7s 15-16yrs girls
​Individual Noms
Rugby union 17–18yrs Boys

Dan Nightingale

Brisbane Bayside State CollegeIndividual Noms
Rugby union 14–15yrs BoysDan NightingaleBrisbane Bayside State CollegeIndividual Noms
Softball 13-19yrs boys

Individual Noms
Softball 13-19yrs girlsTeale McKell
Cleveland District SHSIndividual Noms
Surfing 13–18Keely GreatWynnum SHSIndividual Noms
Swimming 10-19yrsDavid SavageSheldon College
16 February 2023
Tennis 13-19yrs

Individual Noms
Touch football 16–18yrs boysJames CourtneyCleveland District SHS2 March 2023
Touch football 16–18yrs girlsTim McKenniary
Cleveland District SHS1 March 2023
Touch football 13–15yrs boysAdam PrydeCleveland District SHS2 March 2023
Touch football 13–15yrs girlsDanni Parr
Alexandra Hills SHS1 March 2023
Track and field 10-19yrsJack Pincott
Ormiston College
27 & 28 July 2023
Volleyball 16–19yrs boysDom Aguiar
Carmel College
6 February 2023
Volleyball 16–19yrs girlsMorgan Gibbons
Capalaba State College7 February 2023
Volleyball 12–15yrs boysVlad Vancia
Capalaba State College
6 February 2023
Volleyball 12–15yrs girlsBrad Merson
Cleveland District SHS
7 February 2023​
Water polo 13–19yrs boysIndividual Noms
Water polo 13–19yrs girls
Individual Noms
Last reviewed 26 April 2023
Last updated 26 April 2023