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​1. Rationale

1.1 The Metropolitan East School Sport Board (MESSB) has uniforms form its teams to:

1.1.1 Identify team members in team games.

1.1.2 Give team members a sense of belonging to a team.

1.1.3 Provide a practical recognition of a student's achievement of excellence.

1.1.4 Provide recognition of the voluntary service given by team officials to the promotion of programs of MESSB and its Council of Management.

2. Policy

2.1 MESSB requires all members of its regional teams to purchase their own playing uniforms as a condition of selection in that regional team.

2.2 MESSB requires all members of regional teams to purchase their own regional team travel shirt as a condition of selection in that regional team.

2.3 MESSB will provide a range of quality clothing as optional items for purchase by team members, team officials (convenors, managers, coaches, trainers), members of the Board and representative members of the Regional Council of Management,

2.4 Team officials will maintain a standard of dress complementary to the standard required of the team.

3. Procedures

3.1 Provided the uniform is acceptable to team management and is in acceptable condition, a student who has been selected in a regional team in a previous year may wear the uniform purchased for that earlier occasion.

3.2 All regional team officials will be provided with a notional uniform allowance.

3.3 A hat which offers reasonable protection from the sun will be offered as an option to all members of all regional teams.

3.4 A profit margin, as set by MESSB at the beginning of each financial year, shall apply to the selling price of all uniform items.

3.5 The regional colours will be navy (RGB #000252) and white. The design of regional uniforms and optional clothing will reflect these colours.

3.6 The regional logo will be three intertwined quadrilaterals carrying the initials of Metropolitan East region and nested within a curved olive wreath. The design of regional uniforms and optional clothing should feature this logo, the regional name, its diminutive or its initials.