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Selection of students


​1. Rationale

1.1 It is the responsibility of Metropolitan East School Sport Board (MESSB) to identify and select students, team officials and regional, convenors in order to facilitate the Region's involvement in the representative sport program. It is the aim of each regional team to perform at its highest level of ability.

2.  Policy

2.1 Regional teams will be selected for QSS approved championships or other competitions with the specific approval of the Board.

2.2 Regional representative teams will be selected at regional trials convened primarily for that purpose.

2.3 The regional team must be selected and announced at the conclusion of the regional trial. Train-on squads must not be named.

2.4 Students are considered eligible for selection if:

2.4.1 they participate in the regional trial

2.4.2 they commit to full participation at the state championships

2.4.3 they are absent because they have been selected in a team at a higher level than a regional team (must be in a sport approved by QSS) and are attending a compulsory event associated with that selection.

2.4.4 they have presented a letter to the Convenor prior to the trial's commencing containing a medical certificate, identifying illness or injury with anticipated recovery date and a record of prior achievement in that sport.

2.5 If an athlete in an individual event at a regional trial is disqualified in that event, that athlete is ineligible for selection in the Metropolitan East team in that event.

2.6 Selection issues might include:

2.6.1 In team sports with more than one age group, a student may only represent the Region in one age group per sport per year.  Students must trial for the youngest age group for which they are eligible to be selected, ie, a 14 year old student should trial for the 15 years and under age group, not the 19 years and under. If two students are of equal ability, preference for selection should be given to the older student.

2.6.2 In 12 years and under trials, students age 10 years or 11 years may be selected but preference should be given to 12 year old students if both are of equal ability.

2.6.3 Participation in regional trials is open only to students eligible for selection in the regional team.

2.7 Students are eligible to trial for only one team in one sport on a given selection trial day.

2.8 Students must be advised of the Regional Participation Policy (See 2.4.2 above) prior to the commencement of the trial. Only those students who can satisfy this policy are eligible for selection in the regional team.

2.9  The selection panel will be comprised of regional officials together with district teacher representatives. Other suitably qualified approved non-teaching personnel (appointed by the Convenor) may be considered for inclusion on the selection panel but they have no voting rights.

2.10 The selection panel will:

2.10.1 be drawn from regional officials and one teacher nominee from each district

2.10.2 be formed at a pre-trial meeting and operate for the duration of the trial

2.10.3 be chaired by the Regional convenor. The Regional coach, if present, will be a member of the selection panel and will have the casting vote in the event of a deadlock.

2.10.4 determine prior to the trial the criteria for selection. These are to include:

  • number of students chosen

  • number of shadow players

  • minimum time on playing field during selection

  • procedures for dealing with students who are eligible for the trial but did not participate.

2.10.5 Announce the selection procedures to all participants prior to the commencement of the trial.

2.10.6 Advise all participants if an absent student has been deemed acceptable by the selectors for consideration for selection in the regional team.

2.10.7 Submit a written report to the RSSO on the selection process and justifying the inclusion of non-participants.

2.11  Any variation to the stated policy must be approved by MESSB.

3. Procedures

3.1 Students selected shall be informed that participation time at the state championships will depend on their form at the championship. This will be at the discretion of the coach who should take into account equity issues in relation to performance.

3.2 In the case of a student withdrawing from a regional team, the replacement player must come from the shadows identified by the selectors at the regional trial. If no shadow players were chosen, or none are available, then the replacement player must have participated at the regional trial or meet the criteria of 2.4.3 or 2.4.4 above.

3.3 Districts within the Region should where possible send a representative team to regional selection trials.

3.4 If this is not possible, then a district may nominate individuals to attend the trial subject to appropriate levels of supervision. Early notice must be given to the Regional Convenor. If a student/s from a district attend/s an approved regional trial, a supervising teacher must be in attendance.

3.5 The Regional convenor will coordinate, prior to the trial, teacher supervision which will be on the basis of one teacher per district competing in the trial. The convenor has the authority to determine if the supervision is adequate and that the trial can be conducted safely.

3.6 The convenor has the responsibility to conduct a risk assessment and take appropriate action.

3.7 The district staff member would normally be the District convenor or a replacement teacher organised by the District convenor.

3.8 All district officials should receive a copy of and become familiar with this policy prior to the start of competition.