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Selection of officials


​1. Rationale

1.1 It is the responsibility of Metropolitan East School Sport Board (MESSB) to identify and select students, team officials and regional, convenors in order to facilitate the Region's involvement in the representative sport program. It is the aim of each regional team to perform at its highest level of ability.

2.  Policy

2.1 Selection of convenors, managers, coaches and trainers for regional teams will be determined annually by a panel appointed by MESSB. The following criteria will be used to assist the Regional officers selection panel when making appointments to regional sport positions. These criteria may also be rank ordered and/or weighted.

  • Level of accreditation.
  • Demonstrated competence.
  • Demonstrated experience.
  • Previous success at level.
  • Other appointments.
  • Succession planning.

2.2 For team events, two officials will be appointed except for the sports of Australian football, rugby league and rugby union where an additional official may be appointed.

2.3 For individual, e.g. cross country, swimming, track and field and triathlon among others, two officials will be appointed for up to thirty team members with an additional official appointed for every additional twenty students (or part thereof). Athletes with disabilities when selected will require a teacher-student ratio relative to the accommodation arrangements and the level of support required by the students. This will be determined at the team selection.

2.4 First preference for selection as convenors, managers, coaches and trainers of regional teams will go to teachers. People other than teachers may be appointed to these positions subject to approval by MESSB.

2.5 One official accompanying each team must be a teacher.

2.6 Where all officials of the team are of the opposite gender to the team, it is required to appoint a member of the same gender (e.g. a parent) officially designated as an assistant manager to help as required.

3. Procedures

3.1  Selection procedures:

3.1.1  The selection panel will be comprised of the Regional School Sport Officer (RSSO), the Chair of MESSB and the Chair of Metropolitan East School Sport Combined council of management plus any other representatives determined by MESSB.

3.1.2 Application forms will be distributed in Semester 2 of the year prior to the championships.

3.1.3 Applications will be accepted on the approved application form by the RSSO prior to the closing date.

3.1.4 Applicants must:

  • satisfy the required standards
  • be prepared to abide by MESSB policies and procedures
  • attend a mandatory briefing session.

3.1.5 All positions will be appointed by the Regional Selection Panel prior to the end of the year.

3.1.6 All applicants will be notified of their success or otherwise prior to the end of the year where possible.

3.1.7 Grievances against the selection process should be directed to the RSSO.

3.2 Teachers in manager/coach positions shall be eligible for a meals allowance and apparel subsidy, subject to Education Queensland Audit requirements. This will be determined yearly by MESSB.

3.3 Teacher attendance at school sport activities will be only with the permission of the principal of the school.

3.4 Teachher relief scheme (TRS) coverage is available for state school teachers involved in the regional representative sport program as follows:

3.4.1 100% Regional convenor for only one day of the regional trial

3.4.2 100% Regional manager/coach/trainer at the state championships

3.4.3 100% State or National Carnival Official appointed by MESSB.

3.4.4 MESSB may vary the allocation as required.

3.5 Teacher relief for non-state teachers in primary schools is available upon application to the RSSO from the Non-State TRS Pool.

3.6 Officials of Metropolitan East School Sport teams attending state and inter-regional activities are required to be in attendance at the event for the full duration of competition each day along with any scheduled event meetings and compulsory functions.  Any exceptions to this policy are to be approved by the RSSO.