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​1. Statement of intent

1.1 Queensland School Sport (QSS) and Metropolitan East School Sport Region (MESSR) are mindful of the possibility of indecent photography of students participating at sporting events.

1.2 QSS and MESSR owe a duty of care to students participating in sporting events and have an obligation to comply with departmental policy concerning child protection matters.

1.3 QSS and MESSR recognise that it is a normal and appropriate expectation of parents/carers to be able to record visually the sporting achievements of their children. However this expectation must be balanced against legitimate concerns that may be raised about inappropriate photography of students.

1.4 QSS and MESSR also recognise that some venue managers/owners may not permit photography in their venues.

2. Statement in practice

2.1 The taking of photographs (for personal/family use) is therefore permitted at QSS/MESSR events except where an event is held at a venue where venue management prohibits such photography.

3. Procedures

3.1 Where a venue prohibits photography, signage stating that photography is not permitted will be displayed to spectators at venue entry points.

3.2 Where a QSS or MESSR representative reasonably considers that a spectator is engaged in photography of an indecent nature or is engaging in photography contrary to the owner's prohibition, if the spectator does not desist he/she will be asked to leave the event premises. Police may be called to assist where the event convenor considers it prudent.

3.3 The management of this policy is the responsibility of the event convenor in consultation with team officials and venue management.