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​1. Introduction

1.1 Queensland School Sport (QSS) programs provide both sporting and educational opportunities for students. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that students become aware of the benefits of proper hydration practices before, during and after physical activity.

1.2 It is essential therefore, that all team management at QSS events ensure that students are not placed at risk and are properly hydrated before participating in physical activity.

2. Key messages

2.1 The following messages should be used to help convey the benefits of proper hydration:

2.1.1 Thirst is a poor indicator of fluid need.

2.1.2 Hydrate before, during and after play.

3. Procedures

3.1 The following procedures are suggested for al QSS events:

3.1.1 Water should be available at all venues at all times and, if necessary, water carriers should be provided during matches. Other fluids which may be used include diluted sports drinks, diluted cordial and diluted fruit juices. Carbonated drinks should not be used.

3.1.2 The procedures to be followed for providing fluid to students during competition should be clearly identified at the pre-event meeting or in pre-event bulletins.

3.1.3 Sports which do not have appropriate scheduled re-hydration strategies (i.e. drinks breaks) should implement strategies for allowing fluid to be provided to participants during matches.

3.1.4 Scheduled breaks in matches should be used to promote actively the benefits of hydration to participants.

3.1.5 Where possible, team management should actively promote the use of interchange rules as a tool to prevent dehydration.

3.1.6 Participating teams may designate their own water carriers. These may be adults but cannot be the team coach.

3.1.7 No water carrier is to engage in the coaching of individuals or the team whilst on the field of play.

3.1.8 All students should provide their own personal water bottle. During matches, these should be located immediately next to the laying area to enable players to help themselves (at appropriate times) during matches.

3.1.9 Remember - drink until your urine is clear.