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1. Rationale

1.1  The Metropolitan East Region currently participates in all state championships endorsed by Queensland School Sport (QSS).  A condition of participation is that each region takes a turn in hosting the various state championships in which they are involved on a rotational basis.  Regions are also required to assist in the hosting of national championships when requested.

1.2  The philosophy of QSS Council and Metropolitan East School Sport Board (MESSB) is that, wherever possible, students attending state championships will be offered billets (ie, accommodation with a host family), unless staying in privately arranged accommodation.

2.  Policy

2.1  Schools who indicate their wish to have access to QSS state championships via their affiliation with MESSB, must be prepared to assist with billeting when the Metropolitan East Region hosts a state or national championship.

2.2  Schools failing to fulfil their billet commitment will be asked to show cause as to why they should not be disaffiliated.

2.3  Designated schools will provide billets, regardless of whether the school participates in that particular sport and must be prepared to provide billets on more than one occasion each year, if/when required.

2.4  It is a condition of regional team selection that team members be prepared to accept a billet when the Metropolitan East Region hosts their particular championship.

2.5  It is a condition of regional team selection that team members be prepared to assist with the regional billeting program if called upon in the future.

3.  Procedures

3.1  Schools will be advised as early as possible (preferably at the end of each year) of their billeting commitments for the following year.

3.2  Each school will be required to identify a person in the school willing to act as School Billeting Officer.

3.3  Schools should keep a register of students selected in district, regional, state and national sporting teams.  These students should be approached first.

3.4  Do not place responsibility for finding billets on one staff member.  A committee of two or three supported by the administration may be more effective and less stressful.

3.5  Do not rely on newsletters or announcements solely to identify families willing to accept a billet.  A direct approach or telephone call is usually more effective.

3.6  Make approaches to all students, not just to those involved in sport.

3.7  Communicate with the school's Parents'/Friends' Association.  They have been advised of this commitment.

3.8  Ensure that all proposed billeting families sign and return a statement that 'I/We do not have a criminal history and undertake, to the best of my/our ability, to ensure the safety and well-being of any student temporarily in my/our care.'​