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Regional board


​1. Aim

To provide educational opportunities to enable the realisation of individual sporting potential, good health and well-being withing the Metropolitan East School Sport Region.

2. Powers and function

2.1 In its role as a departmental committee, the operatiopns of Metropolitan East School Sport Board are subject to the policies, practices and directives of Education Queensland through the Queensland School Sport Council.

2.2 To exercise the general control and management of Metropoplitan East School Sport through thye regional school sport management committee and the committee for the management of schoo lsport for athletes with a disability.

2.3 To supervise, endorse and, where relevant, approve or direct nthe activities of the regional school sport management committee and/or the committee for the management of school sport for athletes wih a disability.

2.4 To subscribe to, become a mamber of and cooperate with any other organisation, whether incorporated or not, whose objectives are similar to those of Queensland School Sport.

2.5 To establish an executive committee and other sub-committees consisting of members of the Metropolitan East School Sport Board and any persons coopted as the Board sees fit to coordinate, investigate and report on any activity or matter deemed necessary.

2.6 To distribute documents for the efficient conduct and administration of sport in state secondary schools, non-state secondary schools and state colleges, state primary schools, non-state primary schools and schools for students with a disability affiliated with Metropolitan East School Sport.

2.7 To manage all funds held by Metropolitan East School Sport in accordance with the financial procedures provided vy Education Queensland.

2.8 To interpret the meaning of these managemnet procedurs subject to Section 2.1 above.

3. Membership of the Board

3.1 Membership of the Metropolitan East School Sport Board shall be:

  • Voting members

    • A chair nominated by Education Queensland

    • One representative from the District Office in which the Regional School Sport Officer (RSSO) is located

    • Two representatives from each of the 10 to 12 years and 13 to 19 years school sport sectors

    • One representative elected from each of the 10 to 12 years and 13 to 19 years sport specific bodies

    • One representative from the region's disability committee

    • Up to three representatives of parents, sport and recreation and the community.

  • Non-voting members

    • The RSSO

    • The Assistant RSSO

3.2 At the Board's discretion, an additional person or persons may be invited to attend Board meetings to address a gender imbalance.

3.3 Voting membershipo must include at least one member with a non-state school background.

3.4 Any member of the Netropolitan East School Sport Board may resign from membership of the Board at any time by giving notice in writing to the RSSO.