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In what district is my school?

In 2015, Metropolitan East region will undergo a restructuring of its affiliated districts. Districts have an important role in the Region's representative sport program because it is from district nominations that the Region's teams are chosen.

The process, in general terms, is that districts nominate a team or group of players to go to regional trials, during those regional trials the Region's team is chosen.

It is important, therefore, that students who aspire to represent Metropolitan East in any sport know where and when the trial for that sport is being held. This process is complicated further because some 12 year old students are in primary schools and others are enrolled at secondary schools. For 12 year old students, it is quite possible to be a student at a secondary school but have to nominate for trials conducted by 'primary-based' districts.

Primary based districts – 10s to 12s students

Secondary based districts – 13s to 19s students