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Managers information

All information and required forms to help you complete your duties as a Regional Manager are available here.

If you are experiencing any problems with these forms, please contact the Metropolitan East School Sport Office on telephone (07) 3259 7711 for assistance. ​

Duty Statements and Checklists

Form A1 – Duties of A Regional Manager/Checklist (PDF, 620KB)

Form A4 – Teacher Officials’ Responsibilities (PDF, 72KB)

Form A5 – Teacher Officials Code of Behaviour (PDF, 72KB)

Form A6 – General Information (PDF, 111KB)

Photography at Events (PDF, 90KB)

Privacy Statement (PDF, 10KB)​

Team Officials Expenses Information (PDF, 103KB)

Sample Copies of Team Forms

Form B1 – Sample Team Letter (PDF, 150KB)

Form B2 – Sample Abbreviated Team Letter (PDF, 68KB)

Form B3 – Sample Apparel Order Form (PDF, 120KB)

Form B5a – Parental Consent Form Part A (PDF, 158KB)​

Form B5b – Parental Consent Form Part B (PDF, 213KB)

Form B6 – Student Details Form (PDF, 107KB)

Form B7 – Medical Details Form (PDF, 86KB)

Form B8 – Principal’s Consent Form (PDF, 82KB)

Form B9 – Project Consent Form (PDF, 138KB)​

Financial Procedures and Uniforms Ordering

Form C1 – Player Levy Calculation Sheet (PDF, 93KB)

Form C2 – Financial Procedures (PDF, 355KB)​

Form C3 – Financial Procedures Checklist (PDF, 111KB)​

Form C6 – Summary of Uniform Items – Students (XLSX, 34KB)

Form C7 – Summary of Uniform Items – Officials (XLSX, 34KB)​

Uniform Collection Procedures (PDF, 51KB)​​

Required Forms

Form C4 – Non-Payment Form (PDF, 42KB)

Form C5 – Financials Details Form (XLXS, 25KB)​

Form C8 – Alterations to Student Apparel Order (XLSX, 35KB)

​Form C10 – Team Manager’s Expenditure Sheet (PDF, 99KB)

Form C11 – Uniform Numbers Request Form (PDF, 76KB)

Form C12 – Student Reimbursement Form (PDF, 163KB)

General Forms

Form A7 – Transfer of Duty (for Regional Officials only)(PDF, 151KB)

Form A8 – EFT Payment Authorisation (PDF, 149KB)

Form D1 – Team Members Detail Sheet (DOCX, 29KB)

Form D1a – Team List Sheet (DOCX, 30KB)​

Form D3 – Principal Notification Form (PDF, 45KB)

Form D4a – Curriculum Risk Management Overview (PDF, 102KB)

Always to be used in conjunction with:

Form D4b – Risk Management Regional Sports Event – Team Manager (PDF, 433KB)

Form D7 – Team Manager’s Report (DOCX, 23KB)​

Form D9 – Accident Report Form (PDF, 733KB)

Form D10 – Incident Report Form (PDF, 28KB)

Form D12 – Assistant Manager Form (PDF, 35KB)

Form D13 – Player Time Register (PDF, 200KB)

Form D14 – Training Venue Booking form (PDF, 112KB)

Form D16 – Master Summary Sheet – Student Forms (PDF, 83KB)

Form D17 – Project Consent Summary form (PDF, 119KB)

Form D18 – Critical Incident Flowchart and Protocols (PDF, 181KB)

Form D19 – Student Protection Guidelines (PDF, 723KB)