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Swimming Regional Trial Information

​2017 Combined 10 - 12yrs Swimming Regional Trial Information

List of Events
The following events will be conducted for 10 – 12yrs students on TUESDAY 28 FEBRUARY 2017.
100m Freestyle                            -      10 – 12yrs
100m Breaststroke                            10 – 12yrs
100m Backstroke                        -       10 – 12yrs
100m Butterfly                             -       10 – 12yrs
50m Freestyle                            -       10yr, 11yr, 12yr
50m Breaststroke                       -       10yr, 11yr, 12yr
50m Backstroke                         -       10yr, 11yr, 12yr
50m Butterfly                              -       10yr, 11yr, 12yr
200m Individual Medley            -       10 – 12yrs
The following events will not be conducted at the Met East Trials. paper Nominations Only - Please refer to appendix Y at the bottom of the page.
400m Individual Medley            -       10 – 12yrs  
200m Freestyle                         -       10 – 12yrs
400m Freestyle                         -       10 – 12yrs
200m Breaststroke                    -       10 – 12yrs                                          
200m Backstroke                       -       10 – 12yrs      
200m Butterfly                            -       10 – 12yrs
Please note that all 10 – 12yrs 100m & 200m events will be swum in a multi-age format. Competitors of all ages, 10 – 12yrs will be placed into seeded races in the 100m and 200m events according to their nominated time. (eg. The first heat of the 100m Freestyle will include the 10 slowest swimmers on times nominated from 10 – 12yrs. The next heat will have the next 10 fastest swimmers on times nominated from 10 – 12yrs and so on).
All 50m events will be swum in age groups. Eg. 10yrs Girls 50m Freestyle
At the completion of the event, a ranked list of competitors per age group will be established and places will be awarded to each age group.
It is extremely important that accurate times are submitted with nominations.
Number of Competitors
Each District will be allowed to nominate: six (6) competitors in all events.

State Qualifiers

Metropolitan East Region may nominate up to five (5) competitors to the State Championships. The Queensland School Sport 10 – 12yrs State Swimming Championships will be held at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre from 26 – 28 March 2017.
Distance Events
Due to time constraints and the welfare of the swimmers, the Open 200m Freestyle, 200m Backstroke, 200m Breaststroke, 200m Butterfly, 400m Freestyle and 400m Individual Medley for 10 – 12yrs students will not be swum at the regional trials on 28 February. These events will require swimmers to submit a paper nomination. This nomination form (10 – 12 yrs Distance Events Nomination Form: Appendix Y) must be returned to the Metropolitan East Sport Office no later than Friday 17 February 2017.  Fax: 3259 7707 or John Masters on Email: 
Students who are successful in gaining selection in these 200m and 400m events will be highlighted and displayed at the Metropolitan East Regional Swimming Trials at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre on Tuesday 28 February 2017. Students whose names are highlighted must report to the Met East table on pool deck to receive paperwork.
Ribbons will be provided for the first, second and third place getters (based on times) in each event swum on the day.
List of Events
The following events will be conducted for 10 – 12yrs Athletes in a Multi-Class (MC) event on Tuesday 28 February 2017.
100m Freestyle                    -   MC
50m Freestyle                      -   MC
50m Breaststroke                -   MC
50m Backstroke                  -   MC
50m Butterfly                       -   MC
The events listed above are for both boys and girls.
Number of Competitors
Each District will be allowed to nominate: six (6) competitors in all events in all classifications.

State Qualifiers

Metropolitan East Region may nominate up to five (5) competitors, to the State Championships. The Queensland School Sport 10 – 12yrs State Swimming Championships will be held at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre from 26 – 28 March 2017.
Athletes in a Multi-Class Event
                   In 2017, 10 – 12yrs Athletes in a multi-class event are required to compete at the Regional Trials to gain selection in the Metropolitan East Team.
Before competition, Athletes in a Multi-Class event are required to show proof of their classification by presenting their classification card. This card is sent to students, by their classifying organisation, once they have been formally classified. More information about classification can be accessed from the Met East Website at:
Students who do not have an official classification will not be permitted to compete at the Regional Trials.
Competitor’s times will be processed using the current Swimming Australia Long-Course Multiclass Point score Program. The swimmer with the highest point score for their age bracket (10-12 years; 13-15 years; 16-19 years) and gender will win the event, second highest point score will be awarded second etc.
Athlete in a Multi-Class Event Qualifying
Please refer to the 10 – 12 yrs Multi-Class Recommended Qualifying Times: Appendix W for Metropolitan East Qualifying times for 10 – 12yrs Athletes in a Multi-Class Event.
Multi-Class Athletes in 2017 are able to compete in Multi-Class events and abled bodied events at the same meet. A Multi-Class Athlete can compete in the same event type both as a Multi Class athlete or an abled bodied athlete as long as they meet qualifying for both events. Eg.
Event # 50m Freestyle
Event # 50m Freestyle MC
·         FINALS WILL NOT BE SWUM AT THE METROPOLITAN EAST REGIONAL TRIAL.  Swimmers will be seeded according to nomination times, ie District Trials times.  After all heats have been swum all swimmers will be ranked in their age group according to their heat times.
·         PROGRAM: There will be four (4) sessions at approximately the following times. The Meet Director will not be held strictly to these times. The times are a guide only. It is expected that competitors will be at the pool for the whole day.  The organising committee reserves the right to alter the program as required.
Session 1       Start 8:00am
Session 2       Not before 9:45am            (Event 19)
Session 3       Not before 12:00pm          (Event 37)
Session 4       Not before 2:00pm            (Event 55)
      Due to the number of events it is unlikely that there will be a break between sessions.
·         NOMINATION FEE:  $20.00 per swimmer (regardless of the number of events entered).  It is the responsibility of District Treasurers to collect nomination fees.  The Metropolitan East Sports Office will invoice District Treasurers based on the number of nominations submitted as at 24 FEBRUARY 2017. District Treasurers are advised to retain a copy of their team list.
·         PROGRAMS:  Programs will be on sale for $4.00.
·         PARKING:  There will be no charge for parking at this meet.
·         OFFICIALS: A meeting of officials will be held at 7:30am.  All officials are requested to be at the pool no later than 7:15am.
·         WARM-UPS: From 7:15am lanes will be hired in the diving pool for SUPERVISED WARM-UPS AND SWIM-DOWNS providing this does not detract from the running of the meet.  Any swimmers in the warm-up pool MUST be under the direction of a Manager.
      Note: No bags are to be taken onto the pool deck. This is a Workplace Health and Safety issue. Meet Organisers will accept no responsibility for theft or damage to personal items.
·         REPORTING FOR EVENTS:  Competitors must report, when notified, to the Marshall room.  COMPETITORS WHO DO NOT REPORT WHEN CALLED WILL BE ASSUMED WITHDRAWN.  Marshall Boards will be displayed on pool deck.
·         DISPUTES:  Any protest must be lodged with the Meet Director by a Team Manager in writing within twenty (20) minutes of the completion of the event concerned.  A hearing of the Disputes Committee will be convened.  The Disputes Committee will be made up of the Regional School Sport Officer, the Meet Director and the Chief Referee.
·         MARSHALLING:  Once again the organisers of this meet expect a large number of entries from the schools in the Metropolitan East Region.  For the meet to run smoothly, we request assistance from managers and swimmers, particularly at marshalling and at the start.
·         SUBSTITUTIONS: Please note that SUBSTITUTIONS are not accepted on the day of the Regional Trial.  It is most important that school swimming team managers check to ensure that all their swimmers are nominated in the correct events, prior to the championship.
·         WITHDRAWALS:
      Nominated swimmers who wish to withdraw must do so at least one hour before the start of the session of that event. Any swimmer who does not swim a nominated event without completing the withdrawal in time (ie. one hour before the start of the session) may be denied a start in his/her next nominated event.
(a)  Any student wishing to be considered for selection in the Metropolitan East Team, but is unable to compete at the Metropolitan East Regional Trials due to illness, injury or absence due to competing at a sporting event of a higher level, MUST SUBMIT a written request on Appendix F: Absent Competitor Form.
(b) The absent competitor form must be delivered to the Regional Convenor before 8:00am on Tuesday 28 FEBRUARY 2017. If injury or illness occurs on the day of competition and special consideration is required, the Regional Convenor must be notified immediately and the absent competitor form must be received by the Metropolitan East School Sport Office by 3.00pm on Wednesday 1 March 2017.
c)   This request must include:
Ø  Reason for inability to compete (doctor’s certificate if due to injury or illness.) or
Ø  Copy of results from a sanctioned Swimming Qld Competition (swum in the 2016/17 season.)
Ø  Be signed by the Sport Coordinator or School Swimming Coordinator.
The Metropolitan East Swimming Committee will consider applications and advise in due course if the student is to be included in Metropolitan East Team. It is important to note that submitting a time better than those swum at the Regional Trials does not guarantee selection in the Metropolitan East Team.
·         RULES:
      All competitors should be aware that this meet is governed by FINA Rules although the Meet Director reserves the right to make adjustments as required.
      Swimmers should consult the results sheets during the day to see if their name is highlighted and are eligible for selection.  Eligible swimmers MUST collect the necessary forms from the Regional School Sport Officials on pool deck. It would be appreciated if eligible swimmers who are not available for selection for the State Championship make this known to the Regional School Sport Officials before the end of the program.
      Students who do not give details to the Regional School Sport Officials and collect the appropriate paperwork may be deemed to be withdrawn from the team.
      The School Sport Australia Swimming Championships will be held in Adelaide, at the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre as a part of the Pacific School Games, from 1 – 10 December 2017.