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Cross Country Trial Information


2017 Combined 10-19​yrs Cross Country Regional Trial Information​


CONVENORS:           Mardi Johnson (Paperwork/Officials)                   
                                    Mt Gravatt SHS                                                      
                                    Phone:  0403 071101                          
                                                   3291 5222                              
                                    Michael Herman (Nominations)
                                    Bulimba State School
                                    Phone:    3395 9666
                                    Fax:        3395 9600
TRIAL DATE:           THURSDAY, 8 June, 2017
VENUE:                    John Paul College
                                  Cec Munns Sporting Fields
                                  John Paul Drive
                                  Daisy Hill
TIME:                          The trial will commence at 8:00am with the Team Managers’ meeting. The first race will start at 9:00am. The trial will conclude at approximately 3:30 pm. Students are advised to be at the course a minimum of 1 HOUR before the start of their race. A meeting of Course Officials (3 per District) will be held at 8:15am where they will be allocated a position and given advice on duties. Officials need to be in place by 8:45am.
OLYMPIAN VISIT:     At approximately 1.00pm, two Olympians will be in attendance as a promotion for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.
CATERING:               A canteen will operate during the day and Course Officials will be catered for.
UNIFORM:                 13 – 19Yr students should run in school uniform.  10 – 12Yr students will run in their District uniform. Boys must wear singlets/shirts during the entire race. All runners must wear shoes. Spikes are permitted in 13 – 19 yrs events only.
SHADE:                      It would be advisable for teams to bring their own shade. All team shade structures will be required to set up adjacent to the Grandstand on grass embankment.
COMPETITORS:       Each District is invited to nominate one team of 10 runners (* refer to page 2 regarding application for additional runners) in both male and female categories for each age group:
                                    10yrs – born 2007                          
                                    11yrs – born 2006 
                                    12yrs – born 2005                          
                                    13yrs – born 2004
                                    14yrs – born 2003                          
                                    15yrs – born 2002
                                    16yrs – born 2001 
                                    17yrs – born 2000                              
                                    18 – 19yrs – born 1999 – 1998
                                    Multi-Class Athletes are invited to nominate in both male and female categories in the following age groups:
                                    10yrs – born 2007 (2km)
                                    11yrs – born 2006 (2km)
                                    12yrs – born 2005 (2km)
                                    13 – 15yrs – born 2004, 2003, 2002 (3km)
                                    16 – 19yrs – born 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998 (3km)
TRIAL:                     The schedule for the day is as follows:
                                       8:00am               Team managers’ meeting
                                       8:00am               Course Open for Orientation
                                       8:15am               Officials briefing
                                       8:45am               Officials in place
                                       8:45am               Course Closed
                                       9:00am               14 years girls 4km
                                           9:20am               14 years boys 4km
9:40am               15 years girls 4km
10:00am             15 years boys 4km
10:20am             16 years girls 4km
10:40am             17 years girls 4km
11:00am             10 years girls 2km
                                       11:15am             10 years boys 2km
                           11:30am             Multi-Class Combined 10 – 12 years Age Groups 2km
                            11:50am             11 years girls 3km
                                    12:10pm             11 years boys 3km
                                    12:30pm             12 years girls 3km
                                    12:50pm             12 years boys 3km
                            1:10pm               Multi-Class Combined 13 – 19 years Age Groups 3km
                                    1.30pm               Olympian Visit
                                    1:40pm               13 years girls 3km
                                    2.00pm               13 years boys 3km
                                    2:20pm               19 years girls & 16 years boys 6km
                                    2:50pm               17 years boys 6km & 19 years boys 8km
                                    3:30pm               End of Competition
                               A team of six runners (13 – 19 Yrs) and six runners (10 – 12 Yrs) in each age group will be invited to represent the Metropolitan East Region at the State Championships to be held at: 
· 13 – 19 Yrs State Championships: St Paul’s School, 15 – 17 July 2017
·  10 – 12 Yrs State Championships: St Paul’s School, 15 – 17 July 2017
Finishing in the first 6 places is not a guarantee of a position in the Met East team. If a nominated student cannot attend the regional trial due to medical reasons (medical certificate and resume’ required) or attending a sporting event of a higher level and wishes to be considered for selection, a resume of current times and achievements must be submitted prior to the commencement of the trial (by 8:00am Thursday 8 June).
RULES:                   1.   Each District may enter up to 10 runners in a division. (unless otherwise advised)
                                    2.  Each runner will be allocated a competitor number on the day. The Team Managers will be given the competitor numbers at the team managers meeting at 8:00am.
                                    3. Runners will be placed in finishing order, issued a place disk then moved to a Recorder. The Recorder is handed the place disk. Runners must then leave the recording area, unless they have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in that event.
                                         A copy of all results will be forwarded to District Convenors after the event.
                                    4. Medallions will be presented to the first three placegetters in each event.
                                    5. District Managers are responsible for ensuring that their runners are familiar with the course prior to 8:45am on competition day. There will be no course orientation after this time. NOTE: The course is only available on the day of competition. No access is available prior to Thursday 8 June.
                                    6.   Any runner deviating from the course set down for their age group may be disqualified. Red markers are to be kept on their left and white markers kept on their right. Yellow indicates a deviation (or turn) in the course to the side the marker is positioned. Runners must obey course officials’ directions at all times. Competitors must endeavour to complete their respective courses in the following times to be eligible for recording: 3km – 20mins; 4km – 25mins; 6km – 40mins; 8km – 50mins.
7.  The Convenor reserves the right to withdraw competitors from the course if they fail to compete at a suitable standard.
                                    8.   Protests will only be accepted from team managers. They are to be in writing and handed to the regional convenor within 5 minutes of completion of the competition event, and only involve events of a serious nature where an athlete is hindered or disadvantaged in such a way that would change the result of the race. Protests will be managed by the Regional Sports Officers and Convenors.
                                    9.   Team managers and coaches are advised to consider their runners’ safety and comfort with particular reference to Workplace Health & Safety Guidelines.
                                    One concern is the number of runners who display signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion. Runners must be advised to be well hydrated prior to their event. Other Sun Safe precautions should also be followed including using 30SPF sunblock and staying in the shade as long as is practical.
                                  Curriculum Activity Risk Assessment requires that students wear appropriate footwear in cross country events. Please inform your runners of this      requirement prior to the Metropolitan East Trial and preferably on selection at your District Trial. Students not wearing appropriate footwear will be withdrawn.
                                    On marshalling, runners are not permitted to have in their possession any technical device; for example: MP3 players and mobile phones.       
PARKING:               No parking will be permitted in the Cec Munns Sporting Fields Carpark.
                                    Parking areas are in normal designated parking areas.
Mardi Johnson/Michael Herman
Regional Convenors